02 September 2012

from this window, in that tree, with this camera

Up there, an open window, minus  fly-screen, it's the vantage point when I hear various parrots or other birds, out in the angophora tree.  It's especially good too, when the birds come in closer to the garden bird-baths.  This is where I take many of my photos from.  It's where I recorded those eery night-noises recently, the suspected vixens, and got some special shots of the young Koel being reared by a weary Little Wattle bird out in the bush corridor.

that's the big tree out there

We're all  interested in each others 'camera gear'.  This is my 'big camera' as I call it. It's a discontinued model nowadays and it was only this year that I found out there was a teleconverter lens available for it.  I bought a second-hand t.c. lens online from the U.S., showing in the two bottom pics. When it's bird photographs I'm after, this camera is mostly now ready to go with that lens fitted and  I'll carry the 'little-camera' (my point-and-shoot), for the quick-pics.

I've found with the inbuilt image stabilizer in this camera that I've rarely used the tripod for the t.c. and gotten good enough pics for my needs.

In this photo the conversion lens is set to 'Tele', and while I'm showing you my camera gear, well I should show you my point-and-shoot too.  It's what I took the 'big-camera' pics with. 

with my tele-converter lens I can manage snapshots like this, of the rainbow lorikeets.  that branch has been trimmed by council some years ago because of damaged limbs. 

and for a moment they thought no-body was watching?


Brian King said...

That looks like a great spot to take photos from! You've got some really nice cameras and they do a great job. Love that big tree!

Montanagirl said...

You take some wonderful photos with your camera equipment! You certainly have a perfect vantage point for your photography!

Digi-Irma said...

Great photo, the tree is really beautiful, the rainbow lorikeets are super.
Greetings Irma

TexWisGirl said...

i'd say you have a great camera and photo set-up! :)

Filip and Kristel said...

Very nice bird shots.


Horst in Edmonton said...

Love love love your Lorikeets photos and such a beautiful little birds. So nice to see them in the wild rather than in a pet store.

Judy said...

Okay, so you are not as close to the birds as I had thought!! I still love your captures, and that's what telephoto lenses were invented for!!

Jan Castle said...

Surprised you usually don't use a tripod with your tele. lens....great pics however you get them!! Love your vantage point Carole...what kind of room is it....studio perhaps?
Paper Hugs,

Carole M. said...

thanks your comments everyone, and to Jan ...that room is an offset from the main bedroom, a small 'retreat' to read or write.

Geke said...

What a great view you have from your room Carole. If I look out my windows, front and back, I only see houses. That's why I enjoy your flower/garden/birds pics so much. The lorikeets are lovely and so colorful.