16 November 2011

More from Bondi Beach: Sculptures by the Sea Nov. 4 - Nov. 20


The Predators in the Park


Toads on Tour

Open House

Web of Light

My favourite next!

I have been dreaming to be a tree...


TexWisGirl said...

oh, wow! that last one is special! i like the web too, but that dreaming of being a tree is really, really cool!

Nadege, said...

I love the spider web. The Provenance looks like a portal to another world.
What an amazing place.

Jan Castle said...

I like the spider web best - looks like the ones in your garden!
Paper Hugs,

Sharyl said...

I had never heard of this event, but I'm enjoying it immensely! Thanks for sharing these. I feel like I've "been somewhere" again now, had a little summer vacation, felt the sun and breeze on my face, breathed in the ocean air, and was fortunate enough to take in this wonderful exhibit!

Nature Rambles said...

OMG, these are stunning! My favourite is the last one. What a concept! Even the spider web and 11/11 are fabulous creations!

Laure Ferlita said...

I'm with you....love the last one, but they're all fantastic!

Ida said...

Wow these are just amazing, fascinating and down right cool!
I love the Spiderweb and the Dreaming of Being a Tree.

hannah said...

Such fabulous fine Carole.
Thank you for posting these.
How I would love a walk round there.