17 June 2009

Frog Lovers - here's an update

Hard to believe we've had our frogs for only a little over two months now; seems they've been with us forever already. I guess we spend quite a bit of time just observing their movements (or lack of them), at various times of the day.

I was able to find some artificial taller reeds with seed-heads on which really suited, so this photo shows a little change to their home since my first frog posting.

We generally will miss the actual "shifting of camps", but just happen to find one has come out of hiding from between a stone and some foliage, and ventured maybe up onto the log or on top of the tall 'post' at the back left-hand corner. Daytime hours they're actually meant to be sleeping it off, and mostly they are.

At night they have a moon-lamp for a few hours; it emits a very subtle mauve-coloured light. Means we can still peek in; a couple of frogs might be sticking to the back wall, one on the long log and perhaps one in the water dish. They obviously move around in their own time and sometimes are still awake when get up for breakfast.

The great part about frogs as pets is that they’re so obliging for photo sessions! They sit about plenty long enough for me to go get the camera, come back and have them still posing!
These photos were taken this afternoon when a couple were much more with it and waiting anxiously for feed-time to come round.
Hurry up..............P L E A S E !!

I've been asked if our four frogs have names, but NO, they all look identical! There's only one we can tell different because of its smaller size. The breeders told us that the male of the specie is smallest. Now who'd have thought?

I'm really hoping for one loud croaker amongst our seeming trio of girl frogs. A frog doesn't seem to be a frog unless it croaks; I thought they'd all croak! That won't be apparent until maturity, when they're about twelve months, which will correlate with our Spring time.

That's when I'll report back on our frogs again, to let you know if it's quite o.k. to live in the same home with your frogs.

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Lyn S said...

Great photos of the frogs Carole! Be careful what you wish for with the croaking though........don't want them keeping you awake all night LOL!